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A person suffering from a drug addiction has many options in recovery programs to help him or her. Each one has unique features with multiple therapies and different models of treatment. The key is to compare facilities and find out what options they offer and what is included. To learn more about your options in recovery programs, contact Drug Rehab Centers New Canaan at (203) 242-8275.

Various Models in Recovery Programs

While all centers are focused on helping the person recover from substance addiction, each one has different options. One such option in recovery programs is behavioral therapy. This type of treatment helps the person learn about the reasons for the addiction and how to avoid triggers. He or she will learn positive behaviors to replace negative actions from the past.

This program is very successful with addicts because it replaces negative behaviors with positive ones. The person learns about the underlying causes for the drug use and is better prepared to avoid these behaviors in the future.

Motivational interviewing is another model of treatment that is often used along with other therapies. This treatment involves the therapist interviewing the person to help him or her discover what motivates. They work together to develop goals and help the person gain motivation to achieve them.

Types of Therapy

Within the broad categories of treatment are several different types of therapy. Not all of them work for everyone and have unique characteristics that make the ideal for certain situations.

When a person enters a treatment center, a plan is developed. It considers the substance being abused, the length of use, as well as the personality and history of the addict. Based on these factors, certain therapies are selected to be part of the overall plan.

Drug and alcohol treatment plans are not static. It can be changed as the addict progresses through the program or when lack of progress is noted. Some of the therapies available include the following:

  • Individual Counseling – the person meets with a therapist one on one to help with issues that the person faces
  • Group Therapy – Several addicts meet together who are in similar or various stages of recovery to discuss individual struggles and learn from each other
  • Family Therapy – family members join in therapy with the addict to discuss relationship problems
  • Restorative Yoga – the addict learns how to keep his or her body calm in stressful situations instead of using drugs or alcohol as coping mechanisms
  • Art or Music Therapy – this is an alternative therapy that uses creative means to help a person express his or her emotions and thoughts

These therapies are designed to help the person understand addiction or deal with emotions and thoughts in a positive way.

How to Select the Best Program

If you or someone you love needs help in an alcohol or drug treatment center, you must first select a one the meets your needs. The first step is to visit the various centers and ask what they provide. Preferably, you will find a center that offers multiple options. While you are being evaluated and a plan is being created, you can ask about specific therapies that you are interested in. Providers are always happy to see patients who are interested and active in their own treatment.

At the same time, you want to be willing to try new options or ones that may sound intimidating.
The goal is to change current behaviors and that may come with unique options.

With the numerous options available, anyone with a drug or alcohol addiction can receive the help he or she needs. Find the right treatment center so that you can move on with your life.

To learn more about your treatment options, contact Drug Rehab Centers New Canaan at (203) 242-8275.

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