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What is Drug Treatment?

Drug treatment is attending counseling and group meetings in drug treatment centers. The goals are to stop substance abuse and addiction. In drug treatment centers, the absence of circumstances that tempt a person to use are in place. It’s an ongoing commitment to working with drug treatment center counselors, medical professionals and the overall program.

This demonstrates the necessary desire to change. Learning skills like anger management and job skills are also goals of drug treatment centers. To get more information contact Drug Rehab Centers New Canaan at (203) 242-8275.

What are signs that someone needs help?

  • Increasing amounts of substances is necessary to reach the same effects.
  • Secretiveness from loved ones, so they can use without interference.
  • Use results in negative consequences.
  • Quitting has been unsuccessful.
  • Deception to hide use
  • Focus is on people who use.
  • Physical appearance deteriorates.
  • Time is spent using and obtaining more.

Intervention is a useful tool where a group of concerned friends and family meet and confront the user. They detail the reality of drug abuse by outlining the negative consequences of the abuser’s behavior. The group urges the abuser to enter treatment.

What are Rehabilitation Options?


  • Administers care 24 hours a day
  • Length of stays are a few weeks to several months
  • Total immersion in therapy
  • Group and staff address addiction issues and any co-existing conditions
  • Relapse prevention measures and aftercare plans are developed and
    implemented upon release from residential care.


  • Abuser presents as a possible threat to oneself and/or others.
  • Immediate need for the person to be in a safe, controlled environment
  • Abuser is stabilized for approximately three to seven days, dependent on level of
    risk and support available once released.
  • Inpatient therapy is given to reduce negative emotions to decrease risks.
  • Group, individual and family therapy sessions are held to develop skills and
    support after release.

Outpatient Treatment

  • User commits to attending meetings, therapy sessions and 12-step
  • Users participate in scheduled therapy sessions, counseling
    meetings and other therapies but aren’t residing in the rehab center.
  • Testing is conducted to monitor for any hidden substance abuse.

What is the Rehab Process?

Medical detoxification is administered to rid the body of any illicit substances. This is done in a safe and medically supervised environment to decrease or avoid withdrawal symptoms.

Behavioral and cognitive therapy and psychotherapy are then administered help the individual learn new positive behaviors. Individual, group and family therapy sessions are held.

Relapse prevention plans are assessed and developed as a person goes through their program. Plans are put into place after residential care. Options may include sober living, halfway houses and maintenance medication. A commitment to support meetings is necessary to maintaining sobriety.

What are the different types of addictions treated?

Prescription Drugs

Prescription drug abuse is a growing issue and recovery centers are increasingly expanding their programs to address this with initial detox, maintenance medication and therapeutic options.

Street Drugs

Street drugs such as marijuana, cocaine and heroin have historically been a large part of substance abuse issues. There are now many proven comprehensive programs for rehabilitation.

What Would you Look for in a Treatment Center?

  • Check for accreditation by the state the center is located in.
  • Check that the center is run by licensed and trained staff.
  • Check the rates of effectiveness of the program’s methods.
  • Check out aftercare programs, recovery services and support groups.
  • Ensure the staff handles assessments, so an aftercare plan is in place before

Getting Help

For more information on how you can find the recovery center that works best for your needs, contact Drug Rehab Centers New Canaan today at (203) 242-8275.

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