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What is Alcohol Rehab?

Rehab is a course of treatment for alcohol or drug dependence. Commonly, alcohol rehab is performed at a residential rehabilitation facility. Alcohol rehab is a specific plan of treatment for people who are addicted to the substance. To learn more about the disorder and how you can get care, contact Drug Rehab Centers New Canaan today at (203) 242-8275.

What is Alcohol Abuse?

Alcohol abuse disorder is a diagnosis for people who drink even though their drinking causes negative consequences. This is sometimes referred to as alcoholism. Fortunately, alcohol rehab is available for those who need help removing the substance from their life.

There are those who don’t drink regularly, but once they start, they can’t control their drinking. There are those who drink regularly and if they try to decrease or stop they experience mild or severe discomfort. Both types require treatment to help them abstain from using the substance because they can’t stop without help.

What are the Signs of Alcohol Abuse?

  • Physical: blackouts, injury to oneself or others while drinking.
  • Social: problems at work or school due to drinking, drinking in risky situations, legal problems due to drinking, loved ones are concerned about the person’s drinking habits.
  • Health: health problems arise from drinking, but drinking still continues; weight loss, sore or upset stomach, red cheeks and nose
  • Mental: can’t stop drinking, can’t control the amount of drinking, feeling guilty after drinking

From Abuse to Addiction

Drinking over long periods of time will create changes in the chemistry of the brain. These changes result in tolerance and physical dependence. The person develops an inability to stop drinking and a compulsion to drink, as the brain changes. As tolerance builds, more is needed to garner the same effects. Withdrawal symptoms may appear if the person tries to decrease or stop the levels of intake.

Abuse and Addiction – Common Secondary Addictions

Some users are also addicted to other substances or activities. These other addictions are called secondary addictions. It is common for a person to be addicted to more than one substance. For example, alcoholics may develop an addiction to cocaine because they use cocaine to keep from losing consciousness while drinking excessively.


Alcohol rehab centers start with a medical detox to eliminate from the body any illicit substances. It’s dangerous to detox without medical staff. Withdrawal symptoms experienced may quickly become life-threatening and sometimes fatal. A medical detoxification will provide medications to keep a person comfortable and safe.

After detox, counseling and therapy programs customized for the individual begin. Group therapy permits sharing of addiction stories and meetings with those who are experiencing the same struggles. Individual therapy sessions with professionals also occur. Residential treatment offers the most effective treatment. It eliminates the temptation to drink and the rehab process can be focused upon.

After treatment, relapse prevention, including aftercare support services, begins. The transition made back into living life outside of rehab, is monitored and supported. Sober living and halfway houses can help make the transition go smoothly.

How to Get Help

Rehab centers offer treatment for abuse and dependency. The cycle can be broken with use of qualified alcohol rehab treatment plans for recovery from addiction and sustaining sobriety. Speak with a trained professional today to explain to you the methods used and answer any and all questions you may have. They can help you build a path to sobriety and a better life. Contact Drug Rehab Centers New Canaan today at (203) 242-8275 and get started on your way to a new you.

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