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Drug Rehab Centers New Canaan offers a free advisory service to help you or your loved one struggling with addiction and may receive compensation from Featured or Sponsored listings.

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Drug Rehab Centers New Canaan can help you to stop the cycles of addiction and the constant threat of a fatal drug overdose. True recovery heals the body, mind and spirit and at Drug Rehab Centers New Canaan, we treat the whole person not just the addiction. Studies show that many people battling addiction are also struggling with some type of undiagnosed mental illness. These co-occurring disorders are referred to as dual diagnosis. At Drug Rehab Centers New Canaan CT we are aware that people with this condition are at greater risk for attempting suicide or experiencing drug overdose.

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This is a growing concern in New Canaan. As such, law enforcement officers are being trained to administer opioid antagonist for drug overdose. If the person survives the overdose or suicide attempt, it is important that they receive treatment from a facility like Drug Rehab Centers New Canaan immediately to avoid another crisis.

Administering opioid antagonist is a precautionary measure at best, police officer explains, because drug use in this city is more prevalent than ever. The bad news is that in affluent communities like New Canaan, people who fall into addiction are financially able to sustain their addiction. And, because drug addiction is a progressive brain disease, consistent feeding of this habit can cause the symptoms of addiction to escalate rapidly. Call us today at (203) 242-8275, and let us help you achieve long-term abstinence.

Regardless of your social status, Drug Rehab Centers New Canaan provide comprehensive treatment programs for all treatment needs including…

The multidisciplinary medical professionals at Drug Rehab Centers create personalized profiles of every patient. As such we pay special attention to how the addiction disease comes about for each client. During an extensive assessment early in the treatment process, we review your medical history, environmental issues, drug use patterns, genetic predisposition to addiction as well as current mental health.

It is during this evaluation that co-occurring disorders are identified that often help to explain the individual’s journey into addiction. Also, within the parameters of the preceding programs, we integrate various holistic and conventional treatment processes based on patient receptivity and preference. This also facilitates the development of a comprehensive treatment program that is specific to each individual.

The primary goal of all our treatment processes is to help you to experience full recovery from addiction and long term sobriety. If you or a loved one has developed an addiction to drugs or alcohol call Drug Rehab Centers New Canaan today at (203) 242-8275.

About New Canaan

New Canaan is one of the most prosperous communities in America today. It is located in in Fairfield County, Connecticut with a population of approximately 19,738 people. In 2013, New Canaan made it on CNN Money’s list of highest income earning places in the country. Prior to that, in 2008, it had the highest median family income in America.

New Canaan also enjoys close proximity to Manhattan. Travel time on the New Haven Line as well as the Talmadge Hill train clocked in at approximately one hour for both. New Canaan has been an important center for the design movement that began in the 1940s through 1960s. Eight homes were built in the town.

During this period a group of Harvard Graduate Design Students and Professors moved to New Canaan and revolutionized architectural designs on a national and global scale. The Harvard Five that included Philip Johnson, Marcel Breuer, Landis Gores, John M. Johansen and Eliot Noyes began designing non-traditional homes using new materials and open floor plans. One to see is the Johnson’s Glass House. Sadly, many of these amazing architectural icons, 20 to be exact, have already been torn down and replaced with new cookie-cutter models.

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